January 31, 2020

How To Make Your Dog Happy: 12 Things You Must Do

Dogs are happy animal, this is fact. For the fact that dogs are happy by nature doesn’t mean you can’t make them happier, in this article we will cover wide range on how to make your dog happy.

Now, I know you your question might be;

how to keep your dog happy and healthy?
how to make a dog happy when it’s sad?
how to make a dog happy in a new home?

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Oh yeah! I know when it comes to our dog happiness we don’t joke with it.

Here are some tips on how to make your dog happy.

1. Give Him A Job

I know you might be wondering which type of job you will give your pooch but that shouldn’t worry you, by nature dogs love to play and they are not quite creature, just go outside and teach that beautiful dog fetch, this a great job that will help to stimulate the mental health of your dog as well as making him happy.

2. Give Him Compliment

As a human being, we love it when someone admire us and it’s always fill our life with smiles, yes dog do love it when you smile at him and smile, not only smiling at him you can say pretty Cena I love your fur, just take imagine how you feel when someone is going crazy about you.

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3. Give Your Dog Hand

Almost all dogs love hand shake and dogs understand visual signals too. When training, communicate with hands also it makes dog to understand faster.

4. Massage Your Dog

Dog really love it when you give him a good massage, it helps your dog to relax and also help in building friendship between you and your dog. In fact it feels like a heaven to dog when you massage him.

5. Swim with your dog

Taking your dog to the pool is a great deal, dogs value the time we make out for them and dogs love water, it’s not dangerous to take your dog to the pool and have some fun with him.

6. Brush Him

So many dog owners neglect the oral hygiene of their dog, maybe because of the white teeth of their dog. Lol that’s funny, but dogs love being treated with love and affection and you know how it feels without brushing your mouth, so show that poor dog how much you love him by brushing him.

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7. Give Him A Bath

After playing with the floor and grass in the house, it’s Important to bath your dog just to make him neat and happy that’s also another way of showing him you really care.

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8. Feed Your Dog

Feeding your dog with the right food contributes a lot in the life of your dog, you should make it your responsibility to feed your dog.

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Hungry Man is an angry man.

In order to make your dog happy. You need to start feeding him with the right nutrition

9. Walk With Your Dog

Oh yeah! Walking with your dog always make him understand that he is important and also making him happy, you can make your dog happy by taking him to the post office, stores and your neighbors house. By so doing you are making your dog happy.

10. Travel With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog makes him feel important and secured by you, this does not only make them feel secured but loved and happy

11. Buy Him Stuffs

Dogs love stuffs that will keep them busy, you can get your dog toys to play with and it’s a great way of making your dog happy

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12. Always Do Medical Checkup

It’s not optional but Important to always check your dog’s health status, if you find any issue about his health you can go on and treat your dog. This also help in building bond between you and your dog and it creates happiness.

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In conclusion, making dog happy doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, so you have to try as much as possible to make your dog happy.

However, if you really have another method of making your dog happy, you can feel free to tell us in the comment section and if you really find this article helpful you can share to your friends because sharing is also caring.


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