January 30, 2020

Samoyed dog

Samoyed dog is one of the most expensive dog breed and also beautiful, Samoyeds are popularly known as smiling Sammie because of it’s smiling face.

Having Samoyed dog requires a lot of work to do especially being agile and being smart just to cope with this dog.

Samoyed History

Samoyeds originated from Western Russia, this dogs were used for fishing and hunting before the arivala of modern technology. Samoyed can serve as security dog because of his smartness.

Samoyed was brought in the England by explorers in the late 19 century and as time goes on Samoyed started to increase in population and they spreaded in different locations of the world.

Samoyed Shedding

Samoyed dog is a beautiful dog with attractive fur and coats but some dogs owner find it difficult to accommodate Samoyed because of it excessive shedding.

Actually, shedding is not harmful to healthy dogs because shedding simply means loosing of old and damaged hair just to give chance for new and beautiful ones to grow.

In other words, if you carry out proper investigation you will understand that normal shedding and excessive shedding are not the same.

Right now you might be wondering why Samoyeds shed a lot but we have all it takes to make sure you understand it.

The proven investigations why Samoyed shed a lot are;

Seasonal Shedding

All dog breeds shed but Samoyed use to shed like crazy during the season of spring and fall.

Samoyed have two (2) seasonal coats, a heavy winter coat during the season of fall and lighter summer coats during the season of spring. When the spring rolls around, Samoyed will shed Its winter coats to grow lighter coats in preparation for summer.

Lack Of Nutrition

Most dog owners would pick cheap and low quality dog food over high and expensive dog food because of the price.

Nutritions contribute a lot in the health of of our samoyed dogs as well as other dog breeds. Poor nutrition can be harmful by making your dog sick, ugly and excessive shedding. So it’s important and advisable to feed your samoyed properly in order to avoid complications.

How To Control Excessive Shedding

The mind blowing fact about Samoyeds is that you can’t stop them from shedding because it’s part of their nature.

Actually, their are many ways to control excessive shedding in samoyed dog, Samoyed in nature will roll over the floor to ride off hairs.

How ever, you can reduce excessive shedding in Samoyed dogs by regular brushing. Your groomer or veterinarian should be able to recommend you the brush that will suit your Samoyed or you can try some home remedies that’s not harmful.

Can Samoyed Survive In A Hot Region

Not minding that this dog came from a cold region of Siberia, they have spreaded all over the world without any problem.

Oh yeah! Samoyed dogs can survive in a hot region if you are ready to provide Samoyed needs which are fresh and clean water, area to shed and avoid going outside when the temperature is at its peak.

Samoyed Temperament And Personality

Samoyeds are most often described by owners and groomers as gentle and calm breed thats very intelligent and playful.

Samoyed is best dog for kids and also the family, Samoyed temperaments and personalities are good because it is loving and affectionate breed, Samoyed can live in the same house with cat, this is so cute about Samoyed and this really makes it best dog for kids.

Samoyed Life Span

Samoyed can live for 10 – 12 years

Samoyed Size And Appearance

Samoyed is a medium-sized dog breed with a height ranging from 19 – 23 inches and weight from 23 – 29kg.

However, sayomed is a sturdy dog having a fluffy plumed tail curl over the back and drapped to one side.

Samoyed Price

Ranging from $6,000 – $14,000 in USA


So their you have it! Having a samoyed is a great deal but caring for this beautiful breed should be your daily work.

You can make use of the comment box, tell us how you are coping with Samoyed dog.


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