January 30, 2020
Best dogs for kids

5 Best Dogs For Kids: A Perfect Dog For Your Family

Right now, you might be wondering what kind of dog will be best for your kids due to this phrase on this article title, “best dogs for kids“?


Your kids, and also how well it fit in your family cause definitely that dog is yours as much as it’s your kid’s dog.

But before I go further, I will like to clear some air here about dogs actually.

Basically, I’m not saying some dog breeds are better than some but what I’m trying to say here is that some dog breeds differs from another base on their personalities and features as well.

Now you may be wondering also, what kind of personality or feature a dog possess?

Well the major factors considering both personality and features are as follows;

  • Size: You sure need to consider this feature on a dog before choosing a pet for your kids. As we all know, most tiny dogs are very fragile with their tiny bones which are likely to have a crack when they are roughly handled but dogs like these are well more comfortable with older people and kids who are very cautious. In terms of large dogs with more stronger bones, these are best fit for rough-and-tumble kids but before you consider a large dog, you should have it mind that such dogs like these require regular walks or a yard for them to romp in.
  • Temperament: This is one personality of a dog you ought to take note from. Now, you might want to ask yourself these questions – Is my family a serious and stoical type? Or are we that of a giggle filled family? The main reason for these questions is that most dogs differs in personalities, like I said earlier and you might have to check properly before bringing a dog as pet in your family cause it will be nice if both your family and pet are well fit together.
  • Energy: Here’s one factor you should really consider before choosing that dog as pet. As we all know that some dogs are very playful and when I mean playful, they love running and roaming about but some are more of a fetch for cuddles on the couch. Now, you might want to consider if your kids would want a hiking buddy or a furry snuggle bug.
  • Care Requirements: Some dog breeds are much with fur on their body and they require great attention while grooming them. Taking dogs for a walk really helps them in terms of health. So, you might want to consider this factor cause who’s gonna groom that dog or take it for a walk?

I guess you’re very blessed with doggy knowledge now. Lol!

So, let’s get to the main reason why you are here. Time to meet your new pet.

Best Dog Breed For Kids: Your Family Choice


Best dogs for me - Havanese

Quite a beauty right? This little angel here was once a pet among Cuban elite, the Havanese are born companion and it is one of the best dogs for any family when it comes to size and cuteness.

The things you need to know about this beauty here is that he’s affectionate, trainable and sturdy for his small stature.

Also, Havanese has a hypoallergenic coat that requires brushing 2-3 times a week and regular grooming.

So if you got no problem with that, then you’re good to go.

You can know more about the Havanese through here.



Such a cute darling, this breed of dog here are staunchly silly and easily trainable.

Due to it’s cuteness and sweetness, Pugs have earned quite a reputation as one of the best dogs for kids.

They’re gentle, patient and are hardly serious about themselves.

Much care should be taken with Pugs in extreme heat due to their short cute noses.

Wheezing and snoring are part of who they are. Now, if you got no problem with that, you want to consider having this cute little doggy as pet.

You can know more about the Pugs through here.



A very friendly dog, smart and also happy as you can see in the picture above. The Beagle’s small size is one of the best dogs for kids as they’re quite easy to carry around.

It’s calm temperament makes it a great family dog and if you got kids that loves playing outside, then you got the best fit for them cause this dogs you see are born explorers as well as they’re good in taking to any trails.

Originally, Beagles were kept as hunting dogs and their sturdy built body actually means they hardly get tired of playing games. Interesting right?

You can know more about the Beagles through here.



A large beautiful and sweet giant weighing up to 150 pounds.

Newfoundland are very patient, gentle, calm and very intelligent breed of dog. A lover of children entirely and are very much protective of them (your kids).

Being nicknamed as “Nature’s Babysitter”, the Newfoundland are best suit for a family with large open spaces due to their large size, and also they’re known to drooling and they do shed a lot.

These dogs aren’t met to be kept outside cause they love being inside with their family (your family). To be frank, both old and young are very much likely to fall in love with this breed of dog at first sight.

Less I forget, they’re easily trained and a bit task oriented dogs, so they’re sure good to be sent to wake up the kids for school.

You can know more about the Newfoundlands through here.


Best dogs for me - Boxer

Don’t be scared of the name “Boxer”. This breed of dog are known to be very patient and protective as well.

They love the company of humans and are also known to be one of the best dogs for kids.

Boxers are typically well-mannered with other household pets if you got any.

Again, Boxers like to run, so running round the compound with them won’t be a problem and also they’re great companions long walks and jogs.

Quite a beauty to have has pet right?

You can know more about the Boxers through here.

Final Words

I know there are quite many breed of best dogs for kids but these are just the few I could really write about and if you know about any friendly and sweet dog good for kids, you might would want to help us out by giving us their names through the comment section below.

Again, I’m sure you might have a friend or family member who’s been thinking of what dog to get for his/her kids as a Christmas present or just wanna have a dog as companion.

I think the best way of helping them through that stress is letting them know about this article right here.

Feel free to share this to them and hope you do come back to get some few dog tips cause we’ve got them installed here.


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