January 31, 2020

Best dog for me

What’s the best dog for me? This has been the question on some of you guys mind, who are wanting a dog as pet. The best thing about having a pet is when both you and your pet move alongside in peace and understanding.

Let me say, you two share similar interests and your daily activities isn’t affecting your time with your dog cause technically they are greatly dependent on you.

So, before you pick any breed of dog as pet, you got to answer these few questions first.

Now, let’s get started..

What Type Of Home/Living Space Do You Have?

Firstly, before bringing a dog into your home, you actually need to examine how big or small is your home and the yard also.

Most dog breeds are somehow very large in size and picking them as pet, you may need to have a bigger yard for your pet to be able to walk/run around which help in their health.

Where Is Your Home Located?

Now you may need to ask yourself this question. Is your located in the downtown, suburb (small town) or maybe the rural areas?

Your home location really matters a lot base on the breed of dog you will be wanting in your home cause some breed of dogs are just not meant to be that close to the rural area.

Will You Be Able To Keep Your Dog Secure?

This is a very vital, actually your dog too needs protection as much as you do. We all know there are some dogs met for protection and even at that there are still some other ways you might need to protect your dog.

For How Long Would Your Dog Be Alone Each Week?

Most times there are some places we just can’t take our pets to. It doesn’t actually means that your pet will be alone in the house. It can be taken care of by any member of your family if you don’t live alone or perhaps be taken care of by your neighbour.

One thing between you and your pet, is that both of you guys are bound to share a unique bond as you do with family and friends. So, being far away from your pet for too long isn’t just a good idea especially when the breed of dog you have as pet is just a little dog with tiny bones.

Do Elderly Or Disable People Stay With You At Home?

This also is an important fact you must also keep in mind. Like in the above question, I mentioned leaving your pet with any of your family members. Now, in a case where you got a very active dog as pet and when I mean active, the dog loves to run around and play.

Leaving that type of dog in the house with an elderly or disabled person might be very stressful for them.


Cause an active dog needs total control, full awareness of it’s where about and energy to be able to compare that of them which these people I mentioned about may not be having in abundance or not having at all.

What Is Your Age Group?

Age really matters a lot when it comes to your choice of a dog. Like in my previous article, when I wrote about best dogs for kids and now it’s your turn.

I don’t actually know if you’re kid or not but some dogs don’t actually go well with some particular age group. So, you need to consider this before you make your final decision.

What Is The Age Of The Youngest Child Living In Or Regularly Visiting Your Home?

Imagine having a very gigantic and scary looking dog (actually that dog was picked base on your choice), and there are very little kids who might be easily frightened just by the sight of dog living in your home. It will be terrible thing for them with that type of dog living with them in their home.

Their little minds won’t be at rest when knowing that a big scary dog lives with them in the same house. Or maybe you live alone and your cousin’s children who happened to live close to you, do visit on a regular basis and just then, you brought that kind of dog into your home.

Technically, your home becomes a “Danger Zone Area” to them. So, you might want to consider this before scaring the life out of them.

How Active Are You?

Quick glance to where I mentioned about the activeness of a dog. You might be an elderly or disabled person who seek for the companionship of a dog and having a very active dog might just not only be a companion to you but also a great stress to you also.

And stress do have great effect in our health especially when you’re an elderly or disabled person with one or more health problems.

How Energetic Should Your Dog Be?

Still on the activeness of a dog, when a dog is very active that actually means it’s also very energetic and when it’s not that simply the dog is less active.

So, if you’re much of a very active person, you really need a dog as active as you to balance the whole equation between you and your dog.

How Do You Intend To Take Care Of Your Dog?

Almost everything needs to be taken care of and the case of your dog, there are some particular requirements you need to be sure of in order for your dog to well taken care of.

Taking care of a dog comes in a very not so large list.


  • Daily exercise and much time you will be spending while giving them that.
  • How often you might need to be grooming your dog each week and you may also need to consider how long you want it’s coat to be for you to be able to keep up in grooming your dog.
  • Feeding: You know most dogs eat a lot and some of them feed might be quite expensive/specific and how much are you willing spend on your dog in terms of feeding.
  • Health Care: You need to be having the required stuff in case of their health cause most dog breed’s health differs from the other.

Do You Want A Dog That Will Protect Your Property?

Also, you might need to consider this if your main intention of having that dog in your home is to protect your property.

So as you might also need to change your mind by getting a “Beware of Dog” kinda dog.

Final Words

Now, I guess your mind is made up and you’re ready for what type of breed of dog might fit your requirements.

It very easy knowing what dog is best you, all you need to do is by visiting Pedigree and answer the dog match quiz to get the final result of the kind of dog best for you.


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