January 30, 2020

Dog Grooming Tools: 5 Best Dog Grooming Tools You Must Have

The very top priority of every dog owner is to make sure that his/her dog is very healthy and as well in a good state of mind. Grooming your dog is the best way of keeping that dog healthy and the best dog grooming tools should also be used as it very essential.

Stuffs like nail trims, regular baths and ear cleanings helps boosting your dog’s hygiene and health as well as keeping them in check.

Now, the questions on most of you guys mind might be;

• What type of tools are best used for grooming my dog?
• Does my dog actually need these tools for grooming?
• Where the tools which I’m using to groom my dog okay or I need to change them?
• How best am I sure that I won’t use the wrong tools that might endanger my dog’s health?

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I know when it comes to health issues, we practically don’t joke about it and I will say this – don’t get freaked out worrying what tools to use on your dog and dog grooming tools and uses because we’ve got the very best dog grooming tools and how well they go in your dog’s health.

Dog Grooming Tools List

  • Grooming brush.
  • Dog shampoo.
  • dog grooming clippers (hair and nails clippers).
  • Dog Drying Towel & Grooming Wipes.
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush.

Grooming Brush

It is a must that you have this cause every dog needs a good brush to help keep their hair in a good shape and maintained.

Your dog being groomed properly with a brush doesn’t just help keep them healthy but as well as making them look more beautiful and attractive.

I hope you don’t mind scaring little children with your dog’s crazily looking unkept hair? But if you do, I urge you to go out and get your dog a good brush.

Again, regularly brushing your dog’s hair helps eliminate tangles and prevent matting and also reduce shedding. It as well stimulates hair growth and keeps your dog’s hair looking healthy and shiny.

High-quality Dog Shampoo

Regularly bathing your dog is important and most dog owner often just bath their dogs with any cleaning fluid their hands could get and which is very bad.

A good dog shampoo cleans and moisturizes, leaving your dog’s hair shiny and strong but when you use just any shampoo for your dog that shampoo could cause irritation on your dog’s skin or even cause a reaction which is very bad to your dog’s health.

Now, you might also be wondering what type of shampoo will be good for my dog?

Without having much knowledge about good shampoo for dogs, you might need to get a good dog shampoo that is 100% safe with only non-toxic, natural ingredients.

You know not all dog breeds are with similar hair condition. So, I’d recommend you get a good dog shampoo that best fits your dog’s breed and specific needs. Let me say, getting a good dog shampoo that helps with shedding.

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Nail Clippers

One of the essential part of keeping your dog well groomed is by cutting off their nails regularly. This doesn’t just help it by making it look good but as well as preventing health and safety issues that may arise due to long unkept nails.

Long nails can cause terrible scratches and might hurt your dog’s body when they use it on themselves as well as it can also hurt others close to your dog.

Again, with your dog having a long nails, it can be very bad in your home as such nails can be use to damage some of your property at home, such as your sofa.

The worst part is when it (your dog’s Long nails) breaks off, it can be of serious pain to your dog.

Actually, trimming your dog’s nails is quite easy when you use a good nail clipper for it.

Dog Hair Clipper Set & Deshedding Tool

I know some of you guys do take your dog to a groomer to help give your dog a haircut. Not all dogs need a haircut but some dogs like the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Schnauzer and Poodle do need it regularly.

Now, taking them to a groomer for your dog’s haircut might be quite out of the budget sometimes and this might lead to your dog not getting a haircut and when this does occur more often, it might be of great effect to your dog’s wellbeing.

Again, for dogs that sheds a lot, a good deshedding tool might come in handy. The steal comb indeed helps pull out loose fur that is close to falling out so you can get ahead of the issue in regards to grooming them.

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Dog Drying Towel & Grooming Wipes

After bathing your dog, you might as well need a drying towel to dry off that excess water on it’s body due to the fact that dogs are really sopping wet even after bath.

Actually, dogs do have this extra burst of energy when released from the water and without a drying towel by your side, your dog might run off into the living room, shaking off that excess water in it’s body.

everywhere and as well roll around on the carpet just to get rid of the excess water and in turn making your carpet wet and slippery.

So, in order to avoid this mess is by immediately wrapping a towel around your dog and drying them off. A nice, thick, and comfy towel will do the trick.

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Also, dogs are always seem to have goop in their eyes, drool on their face, mud on their fur or some other cleanliness issue and giving them a full-fledged bath is quite a lot of work and effort, especially when the spot is small.

But really you just can’t leave that goop on their face or mud on their fur.

With a pack of pet deodorizing bath wipes on hand, you’re definitely scaling through a lot of stress. They’re gentle yet effective and perfect for everyday use.

Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Keeping your dog’s oral health in check is very necessary and the worst part of it all, is that it is often neglected which is indeed very bad and could lead to serious issues like periodontal disease.

So, I recommend you brush your dog’s teeth once or twice a week and make it a routine. There are also toothbrushes and toothpaste made entirely for dogs only.

Actually, most dogs do like this experience when brushing their teeth due to the sweet taste of the toothpaste and they often tend to lick it off the toothbrush which can be quite challenging but with patience, persistence and a lot of toothpaste, you can really make it work.

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Taking care of your dog by using the best dog grooming tools will make bond between you and your dog to be strong, dogs love it when you show them how much you love them.

Before you go, I would like to know the type of dog grooming tools you are using.

Please make use of the comment section below or ask any questions and I’d be sure to reply to you.

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